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Hotel Name

Hotel Kikusuitei(Kikusuitei)


398 Kanzanji Town, Nishi Ward, Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture

Telephone number



Tomei Expressway, about 5 minutes from Kanzanji Smart IC

*Due to emergency measures against the New Coronavirus, the following shuttle buses are closed.
 The free shuttle bus (four flights a day) shared by Kanzanji Onsen Tourism Association is a reservation system.
 You cannot get on the bus if it is full or there is no reservation.
 JR Hamamatsu Station,11:00/14:00/15:00/16:00
 The platform is between Bic Camera west side of Hamamatsu Station and Entetsu Department Store.

Access information

  • When using the Tomei Expressway

    Limited to cars equipped with ETC, Kanzanji Smart Interchange opened!

    Our hotel is 2 km from Kanzanji Smart Interchange, about 3 minutes.

    ◆Tomei Expressway ETC only Directions from Kanzanji Smart Interchange◆
    South toward Kanzanji Temple at Prefectural Route 320 and turn right at the Dobutsuen Iriguchi traffic light.
    Hamanako Bay Street along Lake Hamana and Uchiura Bay (The hotel is located on the left, about 500 meters toward the amusement park Pal Pal, looking right at the lake.
    (Before driving is the second parking lot.Please proceed to the main entrance for check-in.)

    If you cannot use ETC, use the Hamamatsu-nishi Interchange.
    Hamamatsu-nishi Interchange, the hotel is 7 km away and takes about 13 minutes.

    ◆Tomei Expressway Directions from Hamamatsu-nishi Interchange◆
    Turn right at the traffic light immediately after exiting the Hamamatsu-nishi Interchange.Loop Road.
    Go south on the roundabout and turn right at the second or third traffic light.
    Turn right at the second traffic light.
    Turn right at the intersection signal called Wajimukai.Toward Kanzanji Temple at Kanzanji Kaido (highway) (Prefectural Route 48). It is a little distant, but it is easier to understand by turning right at the third traffic light named the "Isaji Town" intersection.
    Both roads are connected to Kanzanji Kaido (highway) (Prefectural Route 48).
    There are signboards for "Kanzanji Temple area" everywhere along the Kanzanji Kaido (highway) (Prefectural Route 48).
    Passing the Flower Park, turn right at the "Tobozuka" intersection and go down the slope. Turn left "Dobutsuen Iriguchi" intersection.
    Enter Bay Street on the right, overlooking Lake Hamana, and walk 500 meters to the left.
    (Before driving is the second parking lot.Please proceed to the main entrance for check-in.)
  • Using JR

    Tokyo Station, take the Hikari-go train for about 80 minutes or the Kodama train for about 120 minutes

    Shizuoka Station, take the Hikari-go train for about 20 minutes or the Kodama train for about 30 minutes

    Nagoya station, take the Hikari-go train for about 40 minutes or the Kodama train for about 60 minutes.

    Please use a bus or taxi after getting off at JR Hamamatsu Station.

    Using conventional lines, taxi is available after getting off at Bentenjima Station.
  • Guests getting off at JR Hamamatsu Station:Shuttle bus → Out of service

    When using the free direct shuttle bus from Hamamatsu Station

    It is a complete reservation system of 4 flights a day, so please be sure to ask for your use at the time of reservation.

    【Who can use it】 
    Customers using our hotel stay, lunch, and dinner plan

    【How to make a reservation】 
    Advance reservation is required.
    Please make a reservation by telephone to the hotel.
    Telephones are available from 9am to 9pm.
    Reservations are accepted until 13:00 two days before the date of use.
    In addition, when it is full, it cannot be used at the desired time.

    It will be on a first-come, first-served basis, so apply early.
    If a seat is available, you can make a reservation immediately before.
    Please note that due to the Road Traffic Act, free infants will also need to reserve a seat, so be sure to remember it when applying.

    *Notes on use
    The shuttle bus is entrusted to the Enshu Railway by the joint operation of the inn association.
    This is a shared ride with other inns.
    Please confirm the inn name, reservation name and number of seats with the driver when boarding.
    As a general rule, departure is on time, so you will not be able to get on the train if you miss or miss a train.
    It is often the case that flights from Hamamatsu Station 14:00 and from Kanzanji Onsen 10:00 are fully booked, so we recommend early booking.

    After arriving at the hotel, you will be guided to your room from 15:00 (14:00 depending on your plan).
    Before that, it is luggage storage at the front desk.

    【About shuttle bus stop】
    *Please note that this is not the bus terminal at the north exit of the station.
    Toll buses operate from the North Exit Bus Terminal.
  • Guests getting off at JR Hamamatsu Station:scheduled bus

    When using a regular bus

    Take the bus bound for Kanzanji Onsen from Bus Stop No. 1 of the North Exit of JR Hamamatsu Station.

    Operates every 12 minutes during the day.
    Time required About 45 to 60 minutes(Depends on route and congestion zone)

    One-way fare is 620 yen for adults.

    Get off at Hamanako Bay Street Bus Stop,Right in front of you.
  • Guests getting off at JR Hamamatsu Station:taxi

    By taxi

    JR Hamamatsu Station South Exit or North Exit Taxi stand〔Always waiting〕
    It takes about 35 minutes.
    One-way fare is about 4,500 yen.
  • Guests getting off at JR Bentenjima Station

    There is no public transportation from Bentenjima Station, so you can take a taxi.

    Taxi stand right next to the JR Bentenjima Station exit〔Call TEL if no waiting〕

    Bentenjima Station -This facility is approximately 13km. 
    It takes about 20 minutes by taxi.
    The fare is about 4,000 yen.
  • Using the Tenryu Hamanako Railroad

    The nearest station is Kiga Station.

    There is no public transportation from Kiga Station, so you can take a taxi.
    〔Call TEL if no waiting〕

    Kiga Station -this facility is approximately 8km.
    Taxi takes about 13 minutes.
    The price is about 3000 yen.

    We will also inform you about the use of rental bicycles.
    (You can drop off between Kiga Station and Kanzanji Onsen Tourism Association)