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Hamamatsu and Lake Hamana blessed with the natural environment of the Enshu Nada, Lake Hamana, and Mikatahara Plateau are treasure houses of ingredients

We are happy to serve you with homemade dishes that are kind to your heart, happy to your body, and not full.
Kenichi Shine, a representative of the Yufuin Cooking Study Group (Yufuin Onsen Sanshoro), supervises the cooking menu in connection with the host.
And produced a number of restaurants, disciples also Shine serves as the chief chef at the prestigious, has tailored abundantly taking advantage of the seasonal taste the attention locally grown vegetables as Hamamatsu power hood to the original recipe.
The cooking course is based on the basic plan of Enshu's blessing, and the menu and price will change depending on the choice of sashimi and grilled food.Lake Hamana, we do not offer eel dishes in the basic course because there are many customers who come to the eel shop.If you wish, please order using the plan provided by eel or additional dishes.

Sashimi is original Ryukyu tailored → 4 pieces of sashimi → 8 pieces of sashimi,
You can choose grilled fish from seasonal grilled fish → local beef porcelain plate, Hamanako Eel’s Kabayaki, live abalone dance dance grill.
Also, if you are looking for luxury and seasonal food, please order the Omakase Kiku no Zen Set Meal course.

Based on the gifts of Enshu, the price will change depending on the sashimi and pottery.

  • 【Easy popular menu】Sashimi Ryukyu tailored Enshu Set Meal

    • 【Value Deals】Ryukyu tailored sashimi is a popular "blessing of Enshu" set
      The concept is food that is pleasing to the heart and gentle on the body.Local fish and tuna and salmon are layered on top of each other, with plenty of vegetables that change according to the season. The original broth soy sauce and the scent of citrus are very popular and the Ryukyu sashimi is popular.
      Unlike so-called sashimi pickled in soy sauce, it is a recommended item that you can enjoy 3 fresh sashimi with vegetables.If you would like a regular sashimi platter, please select Koto no Shirabe course or order a sashimi platter with additional dishes.

      【menu】Classic basic kaiseki cuisine(All 7 items)
      aperitif/Appetizer/Sashimi Ryukyu tailoring/Warm food/Hot pot/Grilled Dish
      Deep-fried food/Meal/soup/Vegetable pickles/sweet taste
      4,000 yen(Tax excluded)
    • 【Popular Plan】"Enshu bustle" where you can choose ware
      Based on the Enshu no Megumi Gozen Set Meal, it is a plan where you can choose the pottery at the time of booking.
      The pottery can be one of live abalone dance, grilled local special beef porcelain, or Hamanako Eel’s Kabayaki, and each person can choose it.However, the day cannot be changed.If you do not specify it 3 days in advance, we will leave it to you.

      【menu】Classic basic kaiseki cuisine(All 7 items)
      aperitif/Appetizer/Sashimi Ryukyu tailoring/Warm food/Hot pot/Grilled Dish(Select from abalone, beef and eel)
      Deep-fried food/Meal/soup/Vegetable pickles/Sweetness + fruit
      6,000 yen(Tax excluded)
  • 【Recommended standard】Sashimi 4 points assortment Hamanako Kaiseki Set Meal

  • 【Luxury Plan】Delicious sashimi 8 points Hanago kaiseki cuisine

  • Live abalone, grilled eel, 8 sashimi, free drink GoTo Kaiseki cuisine

    A recommended plan allows you to take full advantage of the discount benefits of the campaign at a very reasonable price only during the GoTo Travel Campaign.

    This is a special menu of white-grilled Lake Hamana eel, which is served with a gorgeous basic plan of 8 sashimi, live abalone dance grilled with lemon butter, and "garlic salt" that will give you a lot of power.

    And the drink price at dinner is a free service.

    A 15% regional coupon benefit that can be used inside will also be added.

    It is an absolutely recommended plan that makes full use of the benefits, is reasonably priced, and includes drinks.
    • 【GoTo Travel Target】Live abalone, grilled eel, 8 sashimi, free drink GoTo Kaiseki cuisine
      aperitif/Prelude/Appetizer/8 pieces of sashimi/Warm food/Hot pot

      Pottery Lake Hamana Unagi Shiroyaki Garlic salt and wasabi soy sauce
      Strong abalone dance grilled with lemon butter

      Deep-fried food/Meal/soup/Vegetable pickles/Sweetness + fruit

      If you are not good at pottery, please ask at the time of booking if you would like to change it.The day cannot be changed.
      From 19,800 yen to 31,680 yen
  • Luxury extra dish

    • Hamanako Eel’s Kabayaki broiled and white grilled
      We will prepare 100% locally produced Lake Hamana eels from Kabayaki or salt grilled from Hamanako fish farming business cooperative (common name: Maruhama) organized by eel growers around Lake Hamana.
      The size is larger than the grilled eel that can be selected in the cooking course.
      You can also enjoy the traditional Shirayaki with ginger soy sauce or Japanese yam, but Hamamatsu Power Food style salted garlic is a habit that you can eat once.
      Half body 2,750 yen, one fish 4,400 yen
    • Seasonal sashimi platter
      It is a platter for customers who love sashimi and want to celebrate luxuriously.
      We will prepare from 1,500 yen per person (excluding tax) and 3,000 yen for 2 people according to your budget.
      Please be advised to make a reservation and discuss with us in advance, as there will be limited availability on that day.
      1,500 yen is a standard five-point set, and an additional 2 to 3,000 yen will be added to the top, and about 5,000 yen will also inform you about market prices such as Japanese Spiny Lobster and turban shells and ingredients sold in grams.
      JPY 3,300 to JPY 22,000
    • Locally produced yaramika brand "Mineno Beef』
      Mineno Beef certified by Hamamatsu Yaramika brand is the most popular local beef in Hamamatsu.
      Beef is rarely distributed due to its small production volume, but it is offered as a popular menu because of the transactions it had before it was branded.

      【Porcelain plate】About 50g:2,000 yen(Tax excluded) About 80g:3,000 yen(Tax excluded)

      【Sukiyaki】About 120g:3,500 yen(Tax excluded)
      *Sukiyaki nabe is available for vegetables from 7,000 yen for 2 people.
      From ceramic plate grill 2,200 yen
    • Abalone dance
      Whole abalone that you can't taste at home is danced and grilled.
      The simple taste of lemon and butter and the soft texture are the best.

      【Korean Ezo Abalone】About 90g:2,000 yen
      【Japanese Black Abalone】Market price / sold by weight:From 6,000 yen to 10,000 yen
      From Odoriyaki 2,200 yen
    • Hamamatsu Gyoza (dumpling)
      Hamamatsu's soul food and B-grade gourmet, Hamamatsu Gyoza (dumpling) competes with Utsunomiya for the best consumption in Japan.
      At this facility, we will prepare the mild Marumatsu Dumplings that is a local brand promoted in the world with a large amount of vegetables.
      Perfect for dinner topics and dinner.700 yen per person. (Eight)We will offer from 3 people.
      From 2,310 yen for 3 people
  • Seasonal dish

    • Enshu Nada Natural Japanese Blowfish(October to February)
      Here, Enshu Nada is one of Japan's leading fishing grounds where you can enjoy the highest quality of winter, "Natural Tiger Fugu". 
      Until now, natural tofu blowfish that was shipped to Shimonoseki and distributed under the Shimonoseki brand will have a wholesale price that is approximately three times the distribution cost and intermediate margin.Most of them are now shipped to the market in Toyosu, Tokyo.
      We will provide it at a reasonable price that can be realized because it is a locally produced pond consumed directly from Maisaka Port.
      In Tokyo, the price of the full blowfish course is over 30,000 yen.In addition, there are only a few Fugu restaurants that only use natural ingredients.
      Enjoy real, finest natural blowfish in Enshu Nada and Lake Hamana.
    • Enshu Nada Natural Japanese Blowfish(Reservation required)
      【Tessa】Market price(Last season 1 serving 100g:3,500 yen)
      【Tightly】Market price(Last season 1 serving 120g:4,000 yen)
      【Fried chicken】Market price(Last season 1 serving 120g:3,500 yen)
      【Fin sake】1,000 yen
      【Grilled Shirako】Market price(Last season 1 serving 80g:5,000 yen)
    • Lake Hamana Phantom Douman Crab
      The phantom crab, which has a very small amount of catch, is being traded at a high price in the Toyosu Market in Tokyo as a “spinach crab”.
      It is one of the Lake Hamana brand, with the mild climate and the brackish waters of Lake Hamana being the northernmost limit inhabiting Japan.
      Locally known as "Douman Crab", you can enjoy the rich sweetness of the body, but males with large claws and females with eggs are also delicious, and if you catch them all year long, you can receive them. is.It is not possible to specify the sex and size depending on the arrival status.About 400 to 600g per cup is ready to eat.
      【Whole boiled domanman crab】Market price 1 cup(Per 100g by weight:Approximately 2,000 yen)
      Market price 1 cup 7,000 to 12,000 yen