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Information on hot spring, bathing, private open-air bath

  • "Hoshi no Seseragi (Open-air bath)" & "Mari-no-yu (indoor bath)"

    Like a floating stage on a lake.
    Lake Hamana spreads in front of you, and the stars shine in the sky.
    The bathtub covered with stones of the local Tenryu River has a gentle texture and allows you to relax and relax.
    Mari-no-yu Hoshi no Seseragi are connected.
    Hot spring bath hours
    From 5am to 9:30am, after cleaning (usually 12:00) to midnight
    Hot spring bathing category
    Afternoon hot spring/Morning men's bath (Subject to change without notice)
    Hot spring qualities
    Monochloride spring
  • "Midori no Yawaragi (Open-air bath)" & "Umi-no-yu"

    Luxury to forget the time in the view.
    Lake Hamana looks like a framed picture when viewed from the cypress making and Goten-style baths.
    On the opposite side of the mountain, you can feel a bit different taste of the lit up green.
    Umi no yu and Midori no Yawaragi are connected.
    Hot spring bathing category
    Afternoon men's bath / Morning hot spring 
    Hot spring qualities
    Monochloride spring
  • Private Open Air Bath"Komorebi-no-yu"

    In July 2019, the renovation was renovated from tatami flooring to a stone tub.

    Enjoy the spaciousness of the garden, where you can enjoy the four seasons.
    Hot spring bath hours
    【Available time]From 13:30 to 23:30
    It is a reservation and use for 50 minutes starting at 30 minutes every hour.
    Usage fee
    30 minutes to 50 minutes each hour 3,300 yen
  • Information for one-day hot springs

    The private open-air bath can be used on a day trip.
    Please call us.

    Use of the private open-air bath requires a reservation.Please note that reservations are prioritized, so if you are late, your usage time will be shortened.

    If you use a hot spring for a day trip by car, please use the second parking lot.
    Hot spring bath hours
    From 12:00 to 20:00
    Hot spring bathing category
    Umi-no-yu / Mari-no-yu woman hot water (Subject to change without notice)
    Hot spring qualities
    Monochloride spring
    Face towel rental available.
    Bath towels are available for an additional charge of 220 yen.
    Usage fee
    Adult(s):1,100 yen / From 3 years old to elementary school students 550 yen / Under 2 years old:Free

Hot spring information list

Hot Springs

Kanzanji Onsen

Open Air Bath

Available (for both men and women (including time shifts), not for private use)

Number of bathhouses

[Open-air bath]Man:One woman:1 mixed bath:0
[Indoor bath]Man:One woman:1 mixed bath:0
[sauna]Man:0 Woman:0 Mixed bath:0

Other bath facilities

Bath usage conditions

Private open-air bath "Komorebi-no-yu" (14:00 to 24:00) 30 minutes to 50 minutes 3,000 yen(Tax excluded)*Reservation required

Hot spring tax

Hot spring tax 150 yen for adult separately.