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GoTo campaign

  • Please note that the support varies depending on the reservation method.

    This facility has been registered as a facility for the Go To Travel Campaign.
    However, please be careful not to make any mistakes, because the way you receive the discount varies depending on the reservation type.The reservation categories to be aware of are as follows.

    (1) Reservation from a travel agency store or online reservation (online travel agent)
        Discounts for eligible products will be made by the travel agency, so please contact the relevant company counter or website.
        Please confirm.

    (2) If you book directly at the inn(Telephone or our website reservation site)

    It is necessary to issue a discount coupon from the special site "Stay Navi" dedicated to the GoTo travel campaign.Please refer to either ③ or ④ below.

    If you are not confident in operating the internet, PC, smartphone, etc., or making online reservations, please feel free to call us as we will register as a discounted agent by making a reservation by phone.
  • For future reservations, "Stay Navi" will issue a discount coupon.

    ③ When making a reservation(Reservation from the company website)
    First, from this Official website, go to the "GoTo Travel Campaign Discount Target" accommodation plan online, and after making a reservation, move to the special site of STAYNAVI from the banner below, and after registering as a user, follow the prescribed procedure to receive a discount coupon. Please be sure to issue it.Please about.Please note that plan not listed are not eligible for discount.The amount displayed in the reservation system is the state before discount.(This alone does not apply to GoTo Travel discounts)

    Once you have completed the STAYNAVI procedure, you will receive an e-mail saying "Notice of completion of coupon issue". GoTo Travel's "Discount coupon (up to 35% of total stay price and coupon number)" Please check if is listed.
    At the front desk, present the "coupon number" shown in the email at check-in so that the hotel can pay the discount amount. (We recommend that you print out an email and bring it with you on the day.)
    At the time of payment, you will only be billed for the already discounted accommodation price, so you do not need to apply for a refund afterwards.

    ④ When making a reservation(Reservations by phone, email, etc.)
    If you are going to book by phone or email, be sure to state "I want to take advantage of GoTo Travel Discounts" at the time of booking.
    Please sign the "GoTo Travel Discount Application Form" presented by the hotel on the day of your stay.(Discount will not be applied if there is no advance declaration at the time of booking and no signature at check-in)
    At the time of payment, you will only be billed for the already discounted accommodation price, so you do not need to apply for a refund afterwards.
  • Regional coupons have begun.

    Regional coupons will be issued from October 1st.

    15% of the accommodation price (rounded to the nearest 100 yen) We will give you a coupon of 1000 yen at check-in.
    (It may be an electronic coupon depending on the travel agency of the accommodation reservation)

    It can be used for additional food and drinks and souvenirs in this facility, and can also be used at the target facilities in the available areas (Shizuoka prefecture, Kanagawa prefecture, Tokyo, Aichi prefecture, Nagano prefecture, Yamanashi prefecture).

    Please note that the expiration date is until the day you check out.