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GT Travel Compliance Matters

  • To everyone who uses the GoTo Travel Business-Matters to be observed when using GoTo Travel-

    *Users of the Go To Travel Business agree to the following contents by applying for the target product.
    ・The Go To Travel business promotes and establishes the way of traveling based on the "new lifestyle" in the era of With Corona.Please be sure to observe the following contents and travel safely and securely.
    ・If you do not promise or cooperate, we will not allow you to use the campaign and the secretariat may request a refund of the benefits.This is an indispensable measure to prevent infection to travelers and employees, so we ask for your cooperation.
    1. 1. When traveling, we will check your body temperature such as temperature measurement every morning, and if you have a fever or have a cold, please follow the instructions of the health center.Also, if you are using a smartphone, please use the contact confirmation app.
    2. Please carry out "new travel etiquette" while traveling.Please avoid not only accommodation facilities but also places and facilities where three crowds occur in every scene of your trip, and refrain from making loud noises.
    3. 3. At accommodation facilities, the conditions for participation in this project are temperature measurement at check-in, identity verification of travelers, thorough measures against three-cs at bathhouses and restaurants, and avoidance of three-cs at meals.In addition, identity verification will be carried out for all participants, including accompanying persons, so please bring your driver's license and other documents... (*See below)
    If you forget it, please follow the instructions of the accommodation facility, such as sending it at a later date.If a traveler's fraudulent declaration is discovered, he / she may be charged with fraud.
    Four. If you have a fever of 37.5 degrees or higher during temperature measurement, you should wait in the guest room specified by each facility and ask for instructions from the health center.Be sure to follow the instructions of employees of these accommodations.
    Five. Group trips for young people, group trips for the elderly, who are prone to severe illness, and trips with large banquets are generally considered to be at high risk.If you do, please make an appropriate trip on the premise that steady infection prevention measures will be taken.
  • Documents required for identity verification
    ○One point that can be recognized as an identity verification document:Documents that can confirm the name and photo with one sheet
    Example:My number card, driver's license, driving history certificate, passport, residence card, special permanent resident certificate, documents certifying national qualification such as maritime skill certificate, various welfare notebooks such as disability certificate, sailor's notebook, war injury Person's notebook, government employee identification card, etc.

    ○However, if you do not have the above documents, you can present them as documents whose names can be confirmed if you combine two of the following documents (1) and (2) or one of (1) and one of (2).
    ① Health insurance card,Long-term care insurance card,pension book,Pension certificate, etc.
    ② Student ID, company ID, qualification certificate issued by a public institution, etc.

    *If you are a child under junior high school and do not have the above documents
    You can substitute your health insurance card and legal representative's identity verification documents (driver's license, passport, etc.).

    ○In the future, the target area may change depending on the status of infection, etc., and travelers may be required to confirm their place of residence.

    ○If the documents are not ready, a copy will be mailed to the accommodation at a later date.